Welcome to Divet

Use this to see where Divet is based as well as where our VET organisations are located.
About Our VET Organisations
Our VET organisations provide different supplies to VET students such as laptops or books and many other educational things.
What VET Means And VET Students
VET stands for vocational educational training. We have VET students who are learning about the internet and social media. They are aided by the VET organisations.

The Project Aim

project aims to contribute to the development of a highly skilled, qualified
and mobile workforce by introducing a high profile course with a synergy of
recognised experts from the partner countries. Finally, the project is aiming
to strengthen the quality, relevance and attractiveness of VET and improve
their image.

The General Objective

general objective of the project is to provide VET organisations with
assistance in the field of exports through the use of internet and social media
in order to increase the number of specialists in the field

The Specific Objective

The specific objective of the project is to develop a joint qualification profile with a strong work based learning component between VET organisations in three countries in the field of internet and social media exports.

The Outcomes

We want VET students to increase their knowledge, skills, competencies in the field of internet and social media. It is expected that 80 students coming from 4 partner countries are expected to enroll on the joint qualification. 

Contact us

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