During the meeting, the partners presented the curriculum of the course and the training material that is associated with it. The course curriculum is divided in 15 different modules organised in three different areas of competencies.

The learning goals of these modules are the following:

Export Related Skills

  1. Understand how s/he can ensure the knowledge of the product they are selling and how to calculate the price in exports
  2. Understand the basic principles of exporting processes and be able to use basic exporting tools
  3. Be aware of basic issues related with export-related legislation and understand their importance for the exporting processes
  4. Understand and implement principles for effective business communication
  5. Be able to collect and manage data that will support the exporting process

Marketing Related Skills

  1. Understand and implement basic principles of marketing
  2. Email Marketing – Building and using Email List, Email analytics and automation
  3. Manage strategically social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) for the organization of an export-related marketing campaign
  4. Be able to work with e-trade platforms (Amazon, E-Bay, etcy.com) for exporting products
  5. Manage the corporate website in order to facilitate the exporting process
  6. Understand and implement the basic principles for Search Engine Optimization

Soft Skills

  1. Be able to apply strategies in order to manage time and energy effectively
  2. Be able to investigate complex issues, determine the source of a problem, make decisions and develop effective solutions (Problem solving and Analytical Skills)
  3. Be able to think on novel concepts and to blend concepts (Creativity)
  4. Recognize situations where s/he needs to react and be flexible and plot out his/her own abilities to adapt to change, and decide how s/he might need to improve these.