The general objective of the project is to improve the VET offer in the field of exports through the use of Internet and the social media in order to increase the number of specialists in the field, increase the capacity of the companies (especially SMEs) to engage in online export activities and increase the employability of VET students interested in the field in the market.

The specific objective of the project is to develop a joint qualification profile with a strong work-based learning component between VET organisations in 3 countries in the field of internet and social media exports.

The project is contributing significantly to the achievement of all the objectives of the call for proposals.

First of all it increases the employability of young people. The specific professional profile is very much needed by the companies in order to develop their export related skills and competencies and is a profile that is something completely new for the countries that are participating in the project consortium. Therefore, the joint qualification is going to train professionals for which there is a high demand in the market.

The project aims to contribute to the development of a highly skilled, qualified and mobile workforce because it aims to develop a high profile course with cooperation of recognized experts from the partner countries and abroad and is going to put emphasis on the work-based learning component and work mobility.

The project is also supporting joint developments in VET in Europe since it introduces to the VET systems of the partner countries, a profile that is completely new, fostering in this way innovation in the sector.

Finally, the project is aiming to strengthen the quality, relevance and attractiveness of VET and improve its image. The organization of a joint qualification for an innovative professional profile which is on the same time highly demanded in the market but non-existent in the VET offers will increase significantly the attractiveness of VET.

The design of a joint qualification is the main activity through which the general objectives of the project will be achieved. The joint curriculum will increase significantly the knowledge, skills and competencies of young people willing to work in the field of internet and social media exports. In parallel, the development of sustainable cooperation structures and quality assurance mechanisms contribute on the one hand to the sustainability of this training provision and on the other hand to the increase of the quality and attractiveness of VET.